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Our signature women’s products at C2 Choices are our Coconut Sweetness Hair Sugar. This product can be used on relaxed/transitioning or natural client’s hair. It offers hair conscious customers an ideal blend of natural ingredients that support healthy hair maintenance and hair development. The blend of natural ingredients enables Hair Sugar to provide moisture and circulation to the scalp, strengthen hair follicles, and restores hairs natural shine.Hair Sugar is a freshly made item and experience; therefore, it is seasonal. During the summer months of May-September it is compressed in a liquid form. While in October-April it is in a solid form. Hair Sugar can be your first step to healthy hair and a great chance to experience healthy made products.

People often ask, “What is Hair Sugar?” Hair Sugar is a scalp nourishing system. A system designed with natural oil based family catering to type 2, 3 and 4 textures, as a moisturizing agent for the scalp. It is free of any harmful ingredients or chemicals such as petroleum or mineral oil. The scalp nourishing systems helps build a healthy scalp, to create an environment conclusive to regenerating healthy hair growth. People say they love it because it smells so good and it is very lightweight on hair. It is also kid friendly.

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