Coily Crate Quarterly Membership Box


Coily Crate Quarterly Membership Box


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Membership 2017

Membership opens Nov 25th. Have you ever had the opportunity to join an movement bigger than yourself and received unique natural hair/ wellness gifts? The ultimate brown girl experience is everything you need for your natural hair and matching fierce lifestyle in the twenty-first century. The Coily Crate Membership 2017 is an membership based program. For an quarterly membership fee, you will receive four crates a year and membership perks. Other membership plans are available below.

How it Works?

You may ask what is included in membership? You will have access to your own team of licensed natural hair care specialists for guidance and crate customization advantages. Within the quarterly crate delivery you will be sent hair products and styling tools. Each themed quarter will bring its own style of unique crate gifts focusing on adornment of the crown. Surprise Bonus Items/Drawings will be included between crate delivery depending on membership plan. Good news, we have over 4 plus partner brands to contribute to this membership service. Shhhhhhh it’s a secret.. But we can give you an idea of a typical crates.
What’s a typical Crate Like?
Crate 1: Hair Growth (January)- Full line of Created Coily Products( everything from our organic shampoo to hydration products to protein based products), C2 Turban Print, Oversize Shower Cap and Slumber bonnet, Stretching Plates, Henna Gloss and Fun, a collection of gold Goddess Fro Bands, an wealth of natural hair information & challenges from NH specialists with so much more.

Crate 2: Self Love (April)- Full line of Created Coily Natural Skin and Body Products (Olive oil infusion pack, Grandma Natural Herbal Soap bar and body wash, herbal sea bath salt & more) Next from The Womb Sanctuary Moon Kits and lastly items for your Scared Space which include crystals, goddess candles and positive incense.

Crate 3: Powerwear (August)- 3 to 4 pieces from the Signature Created Coily New Age Clothing Collection and 3 pieces of signature designed earrings.
Crate 4: Brown Culture (November)- Brown girl inspired notepads, pens, pillow cases, small umbrellas, home decor( Xmas ornaments, etc) & more.!

Pricing and Crate Membership Plans (Choose only 1 plan)
1. (Full Coily Crate Membership) Option 1 for 65.00 per quarter. = 4 Large Crates per year delivered every 3 months with membership perks (full access to our hair specialist team, resources for best styling tools and extensions, other brown girl inspired hair brand product/ samples given and exclusive Created Coily Deals.)


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